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What is Hiroshima Buddhist altar?
Blog in English · 2021/04/22
Our craftmanship has been developed through many years of experiences in manufacturing Buddhist altars. In particular, Hiroshima is one of the leading production areas for Buddhist altars in Japan, and in 1978 Hiroshima Buddhist altars were designated as a traditional craft. Here, we will explain the characteristics and history of the Hiroshima Buddhist altar.

Types of paints and wood finishes - Paint, varnish, stain, polyurethane finish, wax, and oil -
Blog in English · 2021/04/22
When you go to a DIY store to buy a can of paint, you will see various products available, which can be very confusing. Here, we will explain the purpose of coating a woodwork, key points when choosing a paint product, and some common options such as paint, varnish, stain, polyurethane finish, wax, and oil.

From trees to lumber
Blog in English · 2021/03/25
The process of making wood products begins with converting trees into lumber. Originally, we make products such as shoji screens and ceilings of Buddhist altars that require thin square lumber, manufactured from straight wood with few knots. The lumber manufacturing process is actually a very time-consuming process. Here, we will explain how trees are converted into lumber, and it can be roughly divided into three steps: Felling, lumbering, and drying.